How will I survive a tea bubble?

3 min readDec 24, 2020

Tea is believed to be the highest selling morning drink in the world, but

We are not here to give you the fact that why tea is a smash? right.

Chaayos a Delhi based startup raised around $18.5 million dollars in their 4 rounds of funding and total funding raised by the company is around $41.5 million so far.

These figures can give you the idea of how a niche market dominates some of the tech startups in the world

These days there are many such startups that are focusing on tea and coffee, the basic thing that differentiates a monopoly is the way you serve and the quality you serve and the power to say a word “NO”.

Chaayos biggest competitor is Chai Point, but don’t get into to the competition because today if you desire to start your entrepreneurial journey with a tea as your partner then it’s quite difficult they’ll crush you ,but if you want to start from your city where there are no such business then it can be a good idea but not the best idea because when it’ll come to the expansion then you’ll be ending with a tough competition.

How can I create monopoly in this business?

there is no such blueprint for the success but I’ll try to give you some of my own experience in this field

try to make a team which is separate from the management team they are like your right hand.

they will do research and experiment for your company.

Who are they? or from where will I get these people?

they are not any scientist guy they are your local chef or any tea vendor they can help you to get the right taste for your tea, hire them and learn from them.

you can get any number of tea in the market there are many online wholesaler for tea and coffee.

Try to buy best tea from the market and sell it in your area or minimal area and try to keep it niche don’t get indulged in market dilemma and start selling grocery items.

keep on experimenting on your product and when you will find the right recipe/formula that is better than any other tea/coffee company out there then, believe me you are at the right path of monopoly business model.

“many of us believe in quick results but quick result will always give you a late slap” — scoobynel

“you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of hundred battels” — sun tzu

comment down below if you want more about this business model this is just an introduction.

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