The gap between you and your idea!

3 min readNov 17, 2020

I’ve got to know about this when i was working with one of the businesses in India.

They got the insane idea and it seems to be a bit different and unique, but the fact is, it seems to be a way farthest at that moment.

We call it as a “A light year” idea.

But the fact is that ,at that very moment they don’t have enough funding and even if they’ll approach for that no one was willing to give them a huge funding in their “pre-seed” (not even counted in rounds of funding) round .

Actually this seems to be the same story for every startups/business or even any idea in your life.

“First try to approach your idea and then start your execution”.

To better understand this, lets start with a story.

Jordan wanted to start his tech company just like SpaceX* , he took many advice that from where he should start building his company.

He pointed out 5 major things to start a company/business:

W hat do you think is most important? just like Jordan you’ll choose Idea!

Am I right? Not even you more than 90% choose idea.

Bill gross Founded many company and incubated many others he found after researching on more than 100 startups in the world that,

Timing is most important for startups — 42%

Why you and Jordan chose idea?

many of us don’t like to share our idea or discuss it in the front of our family or friends. We believe that some one will use our idea but that’s the myth that we all knew, discuss it as much as you can Because no one has that much guts to start their own business, everyone wanted a peaceful life, they are happy in doing secure jobs no one wants a risk in their life.

Coming back to Jordan, He was bit confused from where he should start and how much risk should he take.

Then how to take a risk depends on the background of Jordan.

there are two people in this planet who can take a big risk

If Jordan is from a very poor background then taking a risk will make his life better there is no option to quit but, if he is from rich background then there is no such word called “risk”.

Suppose he belongs to a middle class family, then he will try to minimize his risk and take the calculated risk which can take more than a month to execute.

So, he’ll break his idea and start doing a another startup which is cost effective and easy to start, But he should not expect a heavy returns from his startups in his first year. if he do so then his dream will never become reality.

So. the gap between SpaceX and his current startup is too large and it’ll take time to reach there but, in this period of time he will learn a lot of things more than any MBA student,(I’m not criticizing any degrees) with a lot of experience that a very less no. people posses.

“Many ideas will not build a company but one idea can build many”

Do whatever you like, But don’t put hands on every thing.

because you will not find any stable stairs to reach that goddamn Sky

*I choose SpaceX to show the gap b/w his dreams and reality

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